Puppy Special InterviewPuppy-and-Cat

This is an opportunity for you and your family to come along with your puppy to discuss his future, gain some advice and information (particularly about the best equipment to use, toilet training, and how to use games and toys in your puppy's upbringing) and answer any questions you have. This interview can be arranged as soon as you get your puppy – the sooner the better.

Nine week Puppy Playschool and the follow-up course


A lot is talked about "Socialisation" these days, but this shouldn't mean just playing with other dogs. This course will allow your puppy to become accustomed to meeting other dogs, but not always wanting to run off to them. He will also learn basic early commands to help him settle into the companion dog you want for the rest of his life. Advice will be given on many aspects of bringing up a puppy successfully, whilst teaching him in the presence of other dogs and people will give him a good start as the companion dog you will love for ever.

The follow-up course is to continue his education as he grows up. Not everything can be done in the first two months!

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