Agility Introduction


We have a very strong Agility section, both with people who compete around the country, and those who do it just for fun. Dogs need a good grounding in obedience before they can do this – most of our Agility handlers came through from the obedience courses before joining the Agility Club.

Staffie Elevated Walk

Agility is a popular type of dog activity, where the animal's fitness and the handler's ability to train and direct the dog over and through certain obstacles are tested. Dogs wishing to participate in agility classes will need to have a certain level of basic obedience and be able to mix freely with other dogs in close proximity before starting. Agility can be done by nearly all breeds of dog from the age of 12 months onwards.

Collie Jumping










Most dogs who begin agility training have already attended two courses in the companion dog section at Barnlake.   However, people who move into the area with dogs that have previously been trained for agility are welcome to contact us with a view to joining our classes.

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