All our methods and planning in the Kennels is aimed at protecting the mental as well as physical welfare of the animals, and ensuring that they don’t have any alarming experiences which could result in spoiling their confidence and temperament.

Each dog has his own apartment in roomy, well-ventilated indoor kennels, protected from threat from other inmates by solid dividing walls, while he can see out at the front to pass the time. We provide beds, but he can bring his own bed or blanket if you wish. There is a special area of kennelling for small dogs, so that they are not alarmed by the big dogs. Heat lamps are available by request at a small extra charge.


The dogs are fed Skinners Duck and Rice, a hypo-allergenic food free from wheat, maize, barley, soya and dairy products. - not cheap but trouble-free from a digestion and palatability point of view. The only complaints we get are that the dogs are not so keen on their own food when they go home! (So we sell the food as well). Alternative foods are kept in case of need. Adult dogs are fed twice a day, puppies having three meals a day. Special diets can be accommodated.

Health, Hygiene and Insurance

A specially formulated non-toxic kennel disinfectant is used so that it need not be sluiced away, and all surfaces are protected from infection at all times.  The dogs are inspected and groomed regularly, and in case of illness your own Vet will be called (as long as they are local). Vet’s bills are covered by our Insurance subject to the Conditions as stated. All animals must be accompanied by an up-to-date Vaccination Certificate.

Dog-walking4Keeping Happy

The dogs are exercised twice a day on a long lead in our own field. This gives the staff a chance to see if there is anything wrong with them, and prevents the dogs from becoming depressed – most dogs boarding with us are pets, therefore they are used to human contact and enjoy this period with a person as their special time. As soon as a new dog has been out for a walk we see a big difference in him – he settles down and becomes more confident and relaxed.

Finally ......

The methods we use are not the cheapest way to run a kennels – in fact they are very costly in materials and staff time. But we know that your dogs and cats are the most important thing to you after your family, and that they need the best care. So we aim to give it. We would want it for our own pets!

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