Collars, Headcollars and LeadsLeads and Collars

Your dog's lead is very important - to you and to the dog.

It's the link between you, both physically and emotionally, so we have all our dogs' leads made for us to our own specification.

Why do we put a lead on our dogs?

To keep them safe, and to stop them leaving us. Why do dogs pull on the lead? Because their movement is restricted, and in many cases the owner and the dog have misunderstood each other. In our Training School a lot of emphasis is put on what collars and leads we use, how to give the dog maximum comfort and freedom, and we stock the right equipment to achieve this. Apart from our range of six foot walking leads, we stock long twenty foot exercise lines for dogs who have not yet been taught to come back on command.

We also stock matching comfortable collars, and half-check collars for dogs who might slip out of a buckle collar. For that bit of extra control we stock Gencon headcollars, as this can avoid a dog having to be pulled around on the lead.


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