Barnlake Dog Training Centrenigel

We are here for companion dogs and their owners, and our classes are aimed at helping people to have a well-behaved, happy dog-partner for life.  Many of our dog-students go on to Agility, Showing, Competitions etc., but all started originally as pet dogs living with people who love them and want the best for them. Whether your dog is a new puppy just arrived in your home, an older dog who needs some training or a rescue dog from a dog pound we are here to help you to bring him up the way you want, or if necessary rehabilitate him after his past experiences.

When are dog training classes held?

Classes are held on every day of the week at Barnlake, including weekends and most evenings. In the winter we train indoors, but when the warmer weather comes some classes can be held out on the field. Group classes will usually have not more than 7-8 dogs in them, or 9 if they're puppies.

What methods do we use?

We put emphasis on understanding why our dogs do things, how they learn and how to communicate with them. We use reward-training, psychology, understanding what is going on with both the dog and the handler, and concentrating on being consistent and building the training from small beginnings to a higher level.


We have our own Certificate Scheme, in which you can work for four Certificates, Elementary, Novice, Intermediate and Advanced. These are not "tests", the different units are acquired during class as the owner and dog progress. It makes training more interesting and gives people something to aim for.   We also give handlers the chance to pass the Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme Certificates (KCGCDS); we have now had more than 200 people and dogs gain their Certificates in this national Scheme

What training do we offer?

For Puppies: Read morerelaxed-dog-and-owner

    • Puppy Special Interview
    • 9 week Puppy Playschool
    • Nine week follow up course to Playschool

For dogs over 17 weeks: Read more

    • 9 week Beginners Companion Dog Course
    • 9 week follow-up Course

For dogs who want to do more: Read more

    • Project work
    • Scent
    • Working to music
    • Agility

Problem Behaviour Counselling: Read more

Clicker Training (not main stream): Read more

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